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Dare to Live Abundantly

Discover the Power of Feminine  in 7 Steps to Activating Abundance with 

Abundance Is Your Birthright

  You don't have to struggle. Do you feel tired of bearing the load of juggling the balancing act of work, family, and personal life? (The I Do It All Women)


Do you crave a life full of ease, flow, joy, fulfillment, and the freedom to live life on your turns NO STRESS? PEACE? 


Are you desiring a love that's pure, soulful, passionate, honest, where you feel respected and honored or you may want to reignite the spark in your current relationship.


 I know, like everyone on the planet, you want financial abundance with less effort?

 You want to Jill Scott your life and..."Live Your Life Like It's Golden!"  I bet you started singing.

Women, Reclaim Your Throne.

If you are ready to shift from the state of constant wanting and wishing and into your birthright of Divine Feminine Abundance in all 6 pillars of life,  

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Download your starter kit below

You've Landed Here For A Reason

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So long you have played small, been harsh on yourself and did everything to make others happy; your family, your children, your partners, your friends, your bosses, the list goes on. We have done substandard things to gain attention from men,a "choose me girl". This has festered into anger,presenting itself as resentment, frustration,annoyance, jealousy, and more that has blocked you from receiving your divine good.

We have been dis-empowered by the blame game and lived with guilt and shame.  We did all of this at the cost of sacrificing who we are and not living to our divine potential. I know because not long ago I was there.

NOW is the time to take back your POWER! You will no longer be the martyr to everyone else’s needs and desires.

This is most likely the reason why you are here.

I'm Kashon, Reiki Master, teacher and spiritual success coach, & Creator of Divine Feminine Academy


It is our mission to help women create a positive and practical way of abundant living.

I invite you to take this journey with all my support and resources to help you begin tapping into and owning your divine power within.


You Deserve To Live Abundantly!

Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey to a Powerful Unstoppable Woman?

Learn More About Me ...

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Need More Support?

Here's How We Help You

Through our online academy, workshops, and retreats, we give women practical tools to help them eliminate stress, anxiety, sickness, fear, and scarcity. We help you welcome in an abundance of love and prosperity by creating a life full of harmony in 6 Pillars.

Our  Core Offerings

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​Divine Feminine Academy

The Divine Feminine Academy is a twelve (12) week online program and culminating in a live event. It is a deep dive into Kashon's  Inner Engineering teachings, fused with Reiki healing, Egyptian goddess practices, Money Mindset Manifesto, and more.


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Online Courses & Resources

A platform of affordable digital courses to allow you to discover some of the foundations to awakening your divine feminine. These are mini-courses and are all  self paced and may include video & digital file downloads.



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Reiki Healing & Coaching Sessions

Awaken and align your mind and body with this rejuvenating session. Get coaching on identifying blocks, removing negativity vibrations and heal them with a powerful Reiki session so you can begin opening up to being in alignment with your highest good. 

Love Notes From Clients

"Working with Kashon on my money mindset allowed me start my new business that grossed  six figures in sales in 3 months...With Kashon, I'm learning to step into and stay in my power 

and remove beliefs that no longer serve me."



"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."

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