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3 Meditation Practices You Should Start Today?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

When it comes to meditation people tend to over complicate it. Meditation is simply choosing to focus your mind on something. Listening to music, reading a. book, and cooking can be meditative. Your mind is in constant activity. We create the world around us through our thinking habits. Since this is true, why not choose to focus our thoughts on positive mind habits. Why not learn how to find a peaceful harmony with your mind, body, and emotions. Meditation is very practical and available to everyone regardless of religious background. You can begin by creating at least 1 minute a day to focus your mind in positive and helpful ways. If you are having trouble getting started, here are few meditation practices you can incorporate daily on your own.

Three (3) meditation practices you can start today

1.Movement Mediation

What comes to mind when you think of movement meditation? Most think yoga poses. For some, those poses are challenging and can be a bit cumbersome. Many people also find it challenging to sit still for meditation, especially for those that are new to it. Mediation is not just mind, it's mind-body experience. There are athletes that describe their sports practice as meditative. So if you are new and want to begin meditating, I suggest you get started by trying one of these; walking, tai chi, gardening, dancing, running, swimming or other simple yoga movements. When doing this, we practice breath work and conscious movement.


  • Reduces stress and depression

  • Encourages mindfulness and gratitude

  • Helps reduce negative emotions

  • Promotes physical, mental, and emotional well- being and overall positive growth

  • Extends concentration practice

  • Helps integrate a focused mind with movement

  • Helps ground your body and promote wellness

2. Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation practice allows you to focus your awareness and expand consciousness.

Taking time to live mindfully and be fully present in daily life will improve your your overall well being. Through mindfulness meditation, you gain mental and emotional clarity. In work, you'll find you will be able to be more attentive, reduce distractions and complete task. In relationships, you'll find yourself more connected and present with family and friends. Mindfulness can be practiced anytime or anywhere. You can practice mindfulness while doing dishes, shopping, and listening ( conscious listening), gratitude journal, thought watching, body scan, conscious eating, heartbeat checking and more.


  • Encourages living in the moment

  • Teaches you to be mindful of your thoughts and thinking patterns

  • Helps identify and change negative thought patterns

  • Promotes harmony of mind and body

  • Helps you become aware of your body and the connection between physical and psychological symptoms

  • Promotes peace and helps you deal with the ebb and flow of life

  • Encourages mindful eating and listening

3. Guided Meditation

Using a guided meditation can be useful for beginner. This form of meditation is usually led by a mediation teacher. This will help by having a model instructor lead you into a deep mediation. They can provide examples of affirmations and mantras you can use on your own.


  • Helps in reducing stress and depression

  • Promoted harmony of mind and body

  • Encourages mindfulness and gratitude

  • Creates a sense of ease and calm

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