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As of Version 2022 there were two rights in the rights management for editing the settings of the parts management. The right "Parts management > Settings: Parts" only applied to a specific callup possibility of the settings dialog and has now been removed. As in the past you can edit the settings using the right "Settings: User > Management+Parts".

In the parts management and in the part master data navigator of Version 2022 no values could be entered or selected for the "Record type" filter criterion in the Filter dialog. This has been corrected. Since the filter is only valid for parts, only the values "Component", "Assembly" and/or "Module" could be selected using a subsequent dialog.

To drag a function via drag & drop from the List view of a navigator into the graphical editor, it was necessary in Version 2022 to position the cursor exactly on the frame of the marked row. Otherwise the function could not be dragged. This has been improved. If a row is marked, the cursor for the drag & drop can now be positioned everywhere in the marked row. If a table such as in the part master data navigator or in the Insert center is write-protected, the entire row instead of the individual cells is marked.

In the course of a modified database technology the old Access databases (*.mdb) were already replaced for Version 2022 in the Parts management by an internal EPLAN format. This replacement is now been continued in the entire EPLAN Platform. Therefore a new internal database format (*.db) is available instead of the Access databases for the Project management (project management database) and for the Dictionary (foreign language database).

If you work with several EPLAN versions (for example when switching to Version 2023) and have set an "older" parts database of Version 2022 in Version 2023, you will be prompted when opening parts management to update the parts database. If you answer this prompt with [Yes], the parts database is updated.

If a user-defined scheme was selected for the tree configuration in the settings for the parts management in Version 2022, the parts management first had to be closed and reopened so that the new tree configuration could be applied. This has been corrected.

The parts could not be filtered for function definitions in the parts management of Version 2022. If the filter criterion Function template in the part / function definition (or a similar criterion) was set in the Filter dialog, the [...] button in the Value column did not function. This has been corrected.

In Version 2022 it was possible using the rights management to prevent the call-up of the EPLAN Cloud solutions. This is now not possible anymore since the corresponding entry has been removed from the rights management. The access rights to the EPLAN Cloud solutions are now only managed via the sign-in with the EPLAN ID.

If an SQL server database was set for the parts management of Version 2022, the password of the SQL database was displayed in addition to the database name in the status bar of the EPLAN Platform. This has been corrected.

When filtering for texts in the parts management using the input in the "Find" field, various object types such as "Drilling pattern" were not considered in Version 2022. This has been corrected. In addition this filter now also affects the data of the object types "Customer" and "Manufacturer / supplier".

In Version 2022 it was erroneously possible that when the shortcut keys were customized, keys which were already used internally for functionalities were assigned to other commands. For example, for the [F1] key this resulted in the command being executed at the same time as the help system was called up when [F1] was pressed. This has been corrected. If an internally used key or shortcut key is now specified in the Customize shortcut keys dialog, the text is shown as "Internally used" and an assignment is not possible.

Since some manufacturers of PLC configuration programs have already changed over to the AutomationML standard for Version 2022 in the EPLAN Platform, the converters "PlcDcXMLExchangerBeckhoff" und "XMLRockwellExchanger" have been removed.

If you inserted several macros consecutively in Version 2022, the Variant drop-down list was not updated in the Open dialog. The list always shows the variants of the first macro for all further macros. This has been corrected.

When synchronizing a newer parts database from Version 2022 with a parts database of Version 2.9 no functioning progress bar was displayed for larger data amounts and longer duration. This has been corrected.

If an "older" parts database of Version 2022 was opened by means of the EPLAN API, this parts database was automatically updated. This has been corrected. As was the case up to Version 2.9 SP1 old parts databases are now not updated automatically anymore, but opened write-protected. The EPLAN API now provides the UpgradePartsDb method from the MDPartsManagement class and the UpdateScheme method from the MDPartsDatabase class for targeted updating of parts databases.

During the synchronization of a newer parts database from Version 2022 with a parts database of Version 2.9 the activated setting of the Alignable property for terminal parts was not transferred correctly. This has been corrected.

During a parts data synchronization from a SQL parts database Version 2022 into an older SQL parts database Version 2.9, the values for the property Cable type / type designation (ID 22030) were not updated in the old database but rather deleted. This has been corrected.

If a differentiation between upper-/lower-case letters was configured for the SQL server which is used for the parts database of the parts management in Version 2022, no connection could be established from the EPLAN Platform to the SQL server. This has been corrected.

When customizing the ribbon, a Tooltip and a description can now be specified for actions. To this purpose the Rename dialog for actions should be extended with the corresponding fields. In Version 2022 Update1 the designations of these fields are only displayed in English.

In the new Version 2022 an EPLAN ID which is linked to a company organization is required to use the solutions of the EPLAN platform. A sign-in dialog is now opened when starting EPLAN. There you enter your e-mail address and the password you specified when creating the EPLAN ID. If you do not have an EPLAN ID, click the "Create EPLAN ID now" hyperlink in the sign-in dialog.

As part of miscellaneous extensions and optimizations, the project databases have been changed in Version 2022. This has the effect that new projects are essentially created with new project databases.

Solely the EPLAN Data Portal is now available as the exchange portal for downloading parts data. In the course of this change the old EPLAN Data Portal has been removed from the user interface of the EPLAN Platform (Dialog Settings: Data Portal, popup menu item Update via Data Portal in the parts management, etc.).

As of Version 2022 some outdated interfaces to the PLC configuration program are not supported anymore since the manufacturers are changing over to the new AutomationML standard. Therefore the associated entries are no longer available during the export and import of PLC data: Beckhoff TwinCAT 2.10/2.11, Logi.cals logi.CAD, Mitsubishi GX Works 2, Rockwell Studio 5000 Architect 20/21.Instead of the "Mitsubishi iQ Works" entry the following entries are now available for the PLC data exchange in AutomationML format: MELSOFT iQ-Works Version 2.46Y or later, MELSOFT iQ-Works Version 2.74C or later.

In EPLAN View 2022 you can now open projects from older versions (Version 2.9 to Version 2.6), without these projects having to be updated to this purpose. Starting from the current version, EPLAN retroactively supports the last five EPLAN versions. Projects from even older versions (Version 2.5 or older) must be updated before they can be opened in EPLAN View 2022. 041b061a72

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