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Best Place To Buy Ham For Christmas

The whole point of a Christmas ham is leftovers. To ensure your ham stays as fresh as possible, store it correctly. The secret is soaking a ham bag, pillowcase, or tea towel in a solution of four cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar. Wring out excess water, place the ham inside and place it in the coolest part of fridge. Re-soak the bag in solution every few days or when the ham dries out.

best place to buy ham for christmas

ST LOUIS HAM LOVERS For the best ham in St. Louis, look for a Miller ham, see Miller Ham for a list of local retail stores. I buy Miller hams at Freddie's Market in Webster Groves, at the corner of Big Bend and Rock Hill. During peak ham periods, be sure to order in advance. Be prepared for sticker shock, for once on the LOW end.

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Cost When you see great prices, stop. Bargain hams often have extra water injected during the curing process. Go for meat labeled ham (quite costly) or ham with natural juices (next best). Be wary of ham, water added and ham and water product. You're paying for water weight, and the meat will be bland and spongy.

Amana bone-in hams are the best of the best of hams. The meat is smoked just right, the flavor is not too salty and super-tender. The secret is (and this is probably true for any ham) is cook "low and slow". But you will not find a better ham at any price. I would recommend this product, and all Amana Meat Shop products to anyone with confidence.

I lived briefly in Iowa and quickly discovered that Iowa has the best pork you will ever taste. Imagine, if you will, the best of the best. I send these hams to clients I really want to impress and I never fail to get a compliment. I'm ordering today for an office party. There's simply no way your guests are not going to notice the difference between this ham and any other they've ever had. It's hand crafted by people who take quality to an extreme. If you are ordering one as a gift, make sure to gift yourself...

This ham is probably the best I have ever had. I've ordered it a couple times and it is constantly great. There are just two of us at home but I find a way to use it all happily. Great service, great product.

We wanted to tell everyone "our ham was the best we've ever had"! I called your *helpful* customer service wondering if our ham would arrive Christmas Eve... We did receive the ham, and very thankful. Merry Christmas & we plan on ordering more of your #outstanding products in the 2017 New Year.

For the third year in a row our family ordered a ham from the Amana meat market. For the third year in a row we had the best ham we've ever eaten. You simply can't go wrong purchasing one of these hams... too salty incredibly lean and worth every penny.

Way back in 1979 my father-in-law received a ham as a gift from the company he was working for. We all had a Christmas dinner that day that would never be forgotten. The ham was a melt in your mouth most flavorful ham we had ever eaten. We were never able to find out where the ham came from. My in-laws past on, I have been searching for a ham that would be half as good since. I tried every butcher shop and grocery store I could think of and bought several hams a year and no matter the cost I could never find a ham that had half the qualities of the one he had. This Christmas we had planned to have 11 people over for Christmas dinner and we wanted it to be a dinner no one would forget. We polled the guest to be and they all wanted a ham dinner. Back to the internet, there were very few companies I have not tried and been disappointed by. I found Amana meats and read around 50 reviews. Out of 50 reviews I did not find one review under 4 stars. Hopeful I ordered a 15 lb. ham bone in. The ham arrived two days before Christmas, when I opened the box you could smell the smoke like you just walked into a smoke house filled with fresh hams. I cooked the ham according to the directions that came with the it. When I took the ham out of the oven and started to carve it, the bone fell right out with no effort at all. Between the aroma and the tenderness of the meat I knew we finely had found a ham that was just like the one my father-in-law had years ago. I was "wrong" The ham that came from AMANA was a 100 times better than the ham my father-in-law had all those years ago. I put nothing at all on the ham before cooking. Everyone of our guest myself and my wife could not believe how great the flavor of the ham was and how you could cut it with your fork. When you put it in your mouth it just melted. After all the years of searching for the best ham you could ever ask for, we found it. Everyone agreed this was the best ham on gods green earth. You could never ask for anything better, perfection can't be beet. We will never buy a ham from any other company. AMANA is the only company we will order from in the future. Thank you for making Christmas dinner the one meal we all never will forget!!!

I decided to order a bone-in-ham from Amana for Christmas dinner this year in 2018. I considered it a bit expensive but based on the reviews, I was willing to spend the money. I have to say that this ham was an amazing special treat for everyone and worth every penny. It was the best ham I've ever had in my life. I will order again and again. The flavor was incredible! It wasn't too salty. Also the customer service was impeccable. I am so thrilled I found Amana Smokehouse on web!

Cannot say enough about the smoked bone in ham... best ham I have ever eaten... nothing like store bought salty mushy hams... these hams are so meaty and flavorful without salty taste... very pleased! Will buy again!

Wow! Definitely one of the best jams I've ever eaten. What took me so long to find you? I don't know but I'm here now and will be ordering again and again. I've tried hams all over the country from many many farms, butchers, smokehouses, and mail order places, and this ham ranks among the best in my book. Smoky but not too smoky. Perfectly cured. Well trimmed. Wow!

Have ordered ham from several places. Amana is the best there is. Not dry,tender, and perfect. The bobe is perfect for bean soups. This is a no waste ham. You don't pay for water and fat, just fantastic tasting ham. Delicious!!

I always have this ham the weekend before Christmas week. Our grownup kids expect this ham to snack on and make sandwiches for their kiddos. It is by far the best ham for us. It is not overwhelming salty and is wonderful to just wack a piece off the bone and have a snack. It is a big part of our Christmas holidays. Thanks Amana

I'm a repeat customer. The ham is outstanding. The smoking is first class.Whole bone in ham not sliced is the best and juiciest. Love there ham.Its a winner in our family.Thanks guys...yummy, yummy. See you next year!

I purchase a lot of food products online from all around the country. When it comes to ham, Amana has the best! All of the people that I serve always comment that the ham is delicious. There is never any left and bean soup at the end!

We love ham and have tried a lot of different brands/cuts. This Easter we decided to try a ham from the Amana Smokehouse, we chose the bone in ham. This ham was the best ham we have ever served! Our guest list ended up being smaller than we anticipated due to the Coronavirus but that was ok because we got to enjoy this ham for many leftovers!!! Lucky us!! We also tried the bacon and it was delicious!! Will definitely order again!!!

For years we have wanted to try an Amana smoked ham for the holidays, but have opted not to because of the approximate $20 shipping cost to AZ. (Instead we have purchased a spiral cut Kirkland ham at Costco for under $20.) This year we decided to spend the extra $ and ordered a half bone in ham (7-9 #s). The sturdy packaged ham arrived on time. We didn't warm the entire ham at once because there are only 2 of us; instead sliced off individual pieces and warmed up in aluminum foil. The ham was fantastic, delicious, mouth watering, perfectly smoked; just the best ham we have ever had! We will be able to eat off this ham for several weeks, and then plan to use the bone for ham and bean soup. We will certainly be ordering more products from Amana in the future, pay the shipping charges, and continue to enjoy a superior product.

This is the 3rd year I've ordered an Amana Ham for the Holidays and it is truly the best. There is no other ham on the market that is better and more flavorful, perfectly smoked. It is a very special treat for our family during the Holidays, and really any time!

We have done Hams for Holidays for many years. The smoked bone in ham we had for Christmas is by far the best ham we have ever had. The smoke level was excellent, along with the tenderness and moisture. To heat the ham, we place it on a rack in a shallow pan, with a little ham stock in the bottom, cover with parchment paper, the foil, warmed at 325. Came out perfect, it was the most delicious ham we have had to date. Definitely a 5 star product.

This is the first time I purchased a ham from Amana, and I am so grateful I did! I got the 7-9 pound smoked bone-in ham, and warmed it up a bit in the microwave before serving for Easter. I often make a pineapple sauce to pour over the ham, but this product needs nothing added. It was lean, not at all salty (a good thing) and tender. It's honestly the best ham I've ever cooked or eaten. I will definitely be a repeat purchaser! Plus I get to make split pea soup from the ham bone!!

After years of getting a thanksgiving ham from another purveyor, who couldn't deliver on time this year, we got our holiday ham from Amana. It was by far the best ham we have ever served. It got a standing ovation at the table. It was so good that we had very little leftover and are going to order another.

It probably didn't need it, but since we had a mild New Year's Day, I put this ham on the Traeger smoker at 325 for the recommended 14-15 minutes per pound. I think I died and went to ham heaven. It may have been the best ham I've had in my life! I can still smell it on my fingers as I type this. Also, the Amana horseradish sauce was perfect with our sauerkraut balls. We received this ham as a gift, but I'm sure we'll be ordering again for Easter. 041b061a72

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