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Download Mortal Kombat 4 Game For PC Free Full ...

MK4 is the second Kombat game to hit the N64 (Mortal Kombat Trilogy was the first), ranking as the first 3D entry in the MK series. Judging by these screens, MK4 looks to have the potential to be a top arcade translation. In this home version, the extra exclusives like the Tournament and Practice modes are a definite plus. Hopefully, MK4 won't be plagued with an unruly computer opponent A.I. (like the other MK home versions) that either destroys you in seconds or hardly puts up a fight.

Download Mortal Kombat 4 Game For PC Free Full ...

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The characters are already looking excellent, although not arcade-perfect; there's still some apparent blockiness in the fighters' joints and the vari ous projectile and special attacks have yet to be fully implemented. It still remains to be seen how the N64 will handle MK4's flashier stages, especially the Prison of Souls and Rooftop kombat arenas.

In MK4, the warlord Shao Khan has been defeated, but his antics have freed the evil demon Shinnok from imprisonment. Now Raiden must assemble Earth's most powerful fighters to combat Shinnok and his minions (including the fearsome, four-armed Coro, last seen in the first MK). Fifteen kombatants will thus battle for the future of Earth, each with several special attacks, multi-hit combos, and unique weapons. Those who are familiar with the arcade version will be pleased to hear that the home version is even more advanced than Revision 3, with extra secrets, stages, and characters.

Thankfully, the move to polygons hasn't harmed the heart of the MK franchise: strategic fighting. Unlike so many 3D fighting games, this series has never been about random button-mashing, and neither is MK4. In fact, this is the most "2D" of any 3D fighter available, and that's good news--characters can move to and fro within each arena, and the camera adjusts for maximum viewing (although it's often a bit behind the action). Still, you're almost always on a 2D plane, which makes for optimum head-to-head fighting. Combined with MK4's impeccably responsive controls, the result is extremely tight gameplay.

As you might expect, the gameplay of the N64 ver-on of MK4 hasn't changed all that much from what you already know and love in the arcade. There are now two types of jumping punches and two types of jump kicks. You have the ability to sidestep projectiles and other attacks by tapping the run button twice. The MK3 combo system has been scrapped in favor of one that is a bit more skill-based. But the main change, at least visually, is the addition of weapons. Each character can pull out a weapon specific to him/her, at any point in the match and wave it around in an attempt to separate an enemy's limbs from his/her body. Since some weapons have special moves (Sub-Zero's Ice Wand can freeze people), grabbing an opponent's weapon can be highly advantageous to a fighter's cause.

View full review While developing the game, the Midway staff had problems making the graphics as it was one of the first 3D fighting games they developed. Co-creator Ed Boon commented that the staff wanted to make Mortal Kombat 4 more violent than its predecessors, removing the comical finishing moves featured in them. Since its release, the game received generally positive response from critics, with the exception of the Game Boy Color port. Mortal Kombat 4 Download free Full Version.

MK4 added a Maximum Damage cap to the game's combo system, automatically breaking combos if they deal over a set amount of damage to a player and, thus, preventing infinite combos (although this cap can be removed with a code). Unlike Mortal Kombat Trilogy which contained multiple finishing moves of various kinds, Mortal Kombat 4 only has two Fatalities per character and two Stage Fatalities that can only be done in certain arenas and involve the character throwing the opponent to part of the arena where he or she dies. Unlike the first three games, this game does not include unplayable boss characters except Goro from the home versions. Mortal Kombat 4 Game free Download Full Version.

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Mortal Kombat 4, the largely-forgotten follow-up to the frequently re-released Mortal Kombat Trilogy, has returned to sale on GOG. The game, which originally released in 1998 for PC, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation, after an arcade debut in 1997, costs $6 and is DRM-free.

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