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Prepare for your next meeting an appealing presentation where you show the customer journey, that is, what path your customers follow from the point when they're interested in your product until they purchase it. We're offering you timelines, roadmaps, tables and many other resources so you can decide the best marketing strategy.

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Did you know? Pen and paper templates for personas, journey maps and stakeholder maps and digital mapping tools are no either-or decision, rather they are useful for different purposes or at different moments of the process. You can use our paper templates for journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps in addition to digital ones, or as a first step towards a digital journey mapping tool.

As stated above, it often makes sense to start journey mapping in a workshop setting - hang up a template on the wall, fill the room with people from different departments and get started! But make sure to keep the journey maps that were created in this informal setting. It would be a pity to lose these rich workshop results. How can you make sure they get stored in a safe place but are still accessible? That's where journey mapping software comes into play. To make it the transition as easy as possible we offer an app: Smaply Capture. It lets you digitize your workshop maps by simply taking a photo with your phone.

Working together on a buyer or user persona template helps you and your team to develop a shared understanding of your customers. The developed personas are a valuable basis for journey map and stakeholder map workshops, as well as for many other tools.

A journey map can help you visualize the overall experience a user or a customer has with a service, a physical or digital product, or a brand. Like a movie tells a story of an actor as a sequence of scenes, a journey map visualizes your persona's experiences as a sequence of steps.

Working together on a journey map template helps you to generate a common and empathic understanding of your user's or customer's experience between all team members. Filling out the journey map template can facilitate finding and communicating customer experience gaps and explore potential solutions.

In reality, it is a complex journey that begins when the customer becomes problem-aware (which might be long before they become product-aware) and then moves through an intricate process of further awareness, consideration, and decision-making.

The goal of this data gathering is not simply for the sake of the data itself but to draw insights that help you understand how your customers experience their journeys and identify the potential bottlenecks along the way.

This element of the customer journey map details what a customer does in each stage of the buying process. For example, during the problem-awareness stage, customers might download ebooks or join educational webinars.

As the final element in your customer journey map, solutions are where you and your team will brainstorm potential ways to improve your buying process so that customers encounter fewer pain points as they journey.

A touchpoint in a customer journey map is an instance where your customer can form an opinion of your business. You can find touchpoints in places where your business comes in direct contact with a potential or existing customer.

Your brand exists beyond your website and marketing materials, so you must consider the different types of touchpoints in your customer journey map because they can help uncover opportunities for improvement in the buying journey.

A pain point or a problem is usually the emotional driver of your customer's actions. Knowing this will help you provide the right content at the right time to smooth the customer's emotional journey through your brand.

Reviewing it monthly or quarterly will help you identify gaps and opportunities for further streamlining your customer journey. Use your data analytics along with customer feedback to check for any roadblocks.

These customer journey maps are the most widely-used type. They visualize the actions, thoughts, and emotions your customers currently experience while interacting with your company. They are best used for continually improving the customer journey.

Day-in-the-life maps are best used for addressing unmet customer needs before customers even know they exist. Your company may use this type of customer journey map when exploring new market development strategies.

These customer journey maps begin with a simplified version of one of the above map styles. Then, they layer on the factors responsible for delivering that experience, including people, policies, technologies, and processes.

A clear customer journey map can be shared with your entire organization. The great thing about these maps is that they map out every single step of the customer journey, from initial attraction to post-purchase support.

This customer journey map, designed for Carnegie Mellon University, exemplifies the usefulness of a future state customer journey map. It outlines the thoughts, feelings, and actions the university wants its students to have.

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An effective customer journey map is one that promotes empathy and provides a clear vision for improving customer interactions. There are no rules about what, exactly, a visualization of that has to look like.

This customer journey map infographic was made for an Australian company that offers disability employment services. The final customer journey map was a large poster meant to help staff and clients visualize the different stages of the path to employment.

We searched high and low to find the customer journey map templates and examples to suit just about every use case, software, experience, and design skill level. You can see the full list below. You can also bookmark the Google Slides deck for quick reference.

This is a relatively simple example of a B2B customer journey map, which focuses on the emotions and typical questions a customer experiences throughout their journey. This map also includes recommendations for interacting with the customer at each stage.

The journey map below is based on the real-life experience of a specific customer, but you could also create a similar persona-based journey map to visualize the nuances of different customer journeys.

In the example above, each stage of the customer journey has been broken down into activities. This level of detail allowed the creators to identify specific (rather than high-level) opportunities for improvement, like merging the domains,, and to streamline customer journey.

While current state maps look at the customer journey as it exists today, future state maps focus on what the customer journey can and should look like in the future. Although data (like that contained in a current state map) is certainly an important input, future state journey maps also involve a fair amount of creative speculation and interpretation. These customer journey maps also focus on customer hopes and wants (future feelings), in addition to experiences and reactions.

Future state journey mapping is a useful approach when your objective is to explore possible customer expectations and to create new experiences and value. Mapping out a future customer journey helps teams align around a common goal.

A service blueprint is a useful counterpart to a classic CJM. Whereas a customer journey map focuses on the thoughts, needs, and actions of the customer, a service blueprint reflects the perspective of the organization and its employees.

Essentially, service blueprinting helps visualize all the things that need to happen behind the scenes in order for the customer journey to take place. (Sort of like peeking behind a clock face.)

An empathy map is a tool used to create a shared understanding around the wants, needs, thoughts, and actions of a certain type of user. While not strictly a prerequisite for creating a customer journey map, you may decide to create an empathy map as part of your journey mapping process.

This is another ready-made customer journey map template from Nielsen Norman Group to print out, digitally markup, or replicate with your prototyping tool of choice. We like this template because it contains all the most important elements for an effective and actionable journey map. 041b061a72

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