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New releases include alien invasion movie tie-in Battle: Los Angeles. It's a first-person shooter where you can shoot aliens and be American. Yeehaw! Plus there's the first slice of episodic murder-mystery title Red Johnson's Chronicles to enjoy, although Plus subscribers will enjoy it a little bit more at half price.


It stands to be noted that Scarecrow Video in Seattle, WA carries every VHS film mentioned in this article (with one or two exceptions like Cocksucker Blues which is only available on bootlegs and can be found easily enough online), and import DVDs of many of the titles like African Queen, I Married a Witch, Cruel Story of Youth, etc. Scarecrow will NEVER sell off their VHS. I think it is CRUCIAL that film fans not throw away their VCRs and continue to pursue viewing films in whatever format they are available. Buy a VCR for $5 at a garage sale! Buy an all-region DVD player! They are both totally viable and vital ways to grow as a film fan. I think only something like 1/4 of all feature films made before the advent of home video have ever been released. That means 3/4 of all movies just aren't available outside of prints (although most of those are forever lost). About half of the movies available on VHS have made the leap over to DVD. So if people decide to abandon VHS in favor of DVDs, Blu-Ray, Hd streaming and all that jazz, that means there is HUGE number of movies they are willing to just let fall through the cracks and vanish. Scarecrow Video is dedicated to preserving home viewing copies of any and all movies they can get their hands on, and I know there are other video stores out there who feel the same way. I implore people to take advantage of those resources so that they don't vanish, taking so many potential cinematic revelations with them. VHS! NEVER FORGET! Support your local independent video stores and repertory theaters!!T Swenson posted 02.03.09

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