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The Divine Feminine Academy

A Sacred Feminine Journey 

This remarkable program is led by Inner Healing Guide, Reiki Master and Teacher, Kashon.

 The Divine Feminine Academy is a twelve (12) week online program and culminating in a live event. It is a deep dive into Kashon's  Inner Engineering teachings, fused with Reiki healing, Egyptian goddess practices, Money Mindset Manifesto, and more.

This program is for heart-full beings who want to explore their untapped healing potential, the power of leading with their feminine, and their limitless ability to attract abundance of love, health, prosperity and exhilarating passion.

During this sacred journey you'll learn how to become an unstoppable high value woman.

You'll work with me using integrated healing modalities to go from:

Second guessing yourself to tapping into and trusting your intuition.

Unlearn limiting and self sabotaging beliefs to creating deep self love and confidence.

Depleting and toxic relationships to attracting loving and supportive relationships.

Lack to creating and living abundantly.

Stress and anxiety to ease and joy.

And much more!

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Hi, I'm Kashon

Thank you for stopping to check out the Divine Feminine Academy.

If you are intrigued to learn how to sustain deep happiness and live life abundantly, then this program is for you.

I have compiled my past 4 years of study in Unity Principles, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, and other healing and sacred women modalities. I have created the best practical program for the evolving woman.

I have worked with women all around the world, providing practical tools and teachings to help empower women to live in their most optimal lives. Women in the  Divine Feminine Academy create heart centered business, attract an abundance of love and financial prosperity. They operate in alignment with their divine feminine essence and level up in knowing when and how to activate their masculine to allow loving support in their career and personal life.

If you've desired to have divine insight into who you are and what you need to live passionately, If you want to unlock the unstoppable power of your feminine essence, If you desire to exude confidence and clarity on your divine assignment and attract more love and support from people all around you, You desire prosperity then this program is for you.

If you are ready to kick the self defeating stories of feeling not enough, lack and scarcity, shame, guilt, "martyr syndrome"  or you can't have the life, love, health, prosperity you desire because of a toxic story you have subconsciously told your self or was programmed to believe about yourself, If you are ready to flip the script and starting leading with your feminine,

Click below to learn how the Divine Feminine Academy can help you to take back your POWER!

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