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The Abundant Me is a women's wellness online platform created to provide women affordable access to personal development tools to create and live an abundant life with ease and harmony. Women discover how to heal and break generational toxic patterns by utilizing Reiki and meditation techniques as well harness divine feminine power to live abundantly.

Kashon, a mom, wife, business owner and woman on a mission to see women live their most abundant life possible. 

June 30, 2017, Kashon, walked away from the “security” of my 6 figure 9-5 job to live life on her terms by starting my own online boutique working from home. 

After years of battling an autoimmune disease (Lupus), Kashon was stressed, depressed, lost and angry. She was drained at job that paid very well but left her unfulfilled and depleted.

Kashon DECIDED to take charge of her life and had spirituality at the forefront. She fully embraced her relationship with Source, shifted her mindset, got a coach, joined groups of like-minded people, and the Universe showed her support.

Within a short time span, Kashon manifested a supportive husband, grew her family, got 2800 sq foot home remodeled, started an online boutique,  attracted an Essence Commercial, had her products from her online business be featured in 5 publications, invited to participate in luxurious events at celebrities homes, and so much more.

Those are great, but the biggest and best manifestation was her being able to be an at home mom for her two children while building my business from home.

Kashon is sharing her journey with you to say, don’t let your dreams die. There is something burning in you that you would love to do or you haven’t quite realized what you are passionate about. You may be at a job or in a career that doesn’t serve you and you feel stressed and burnt out. You may be a mother and/or wife, yet not sure how to balance it all. You may be a woman, who desires a supportive and loving relationship. Kashon is here as an example that an abundant life is possible and its possible now, it's your choice!


Kashon, spent the last six years and thousands of dollars on her mental,spiritually,and overall personal development to allow goodness to flow. She has trained with master teachers in Reiki, Kundalini, Feminine Essence, Inner Bonding and more.

Her desire is to provide those who are ready to receive, the same tools, knowledge and teachings she has learned along her journey.

To Learn More, Click Here to get your Free starter tools.

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